Degassing and vacuum-compatible

Vented washers.

Vented washers.

Optimize the performance of your vacuum system with our vacuum washers. Specially designed to eliminate virtual leaks and maximize the efficiency of your system. Discover how our innovative solutions make the difference.

Venting solutions for the highest Vacuum integrity.

When using vacuum screws, blind holes can be effectively vented. With the help of our vacuum-optimizing washers, the areas under the screw head are also reliably vented. When conventional washers are used in vacuum systems, gases collect in the through-hole below the screw head. This poses the risk of a virtual leak.

With VOC washers, your systems can be pumped out more effectively, the process pressure can be reached more quickly and maintained for longer! Virtual leaks in your systems are effectively eliminated and there are no disadvantages compared to conventional washers without venting grooves.

Our vented VOC washers are permanently in stock and available in various nominal sizes. Of course, these are also available from stock as silver-plated versions and in other materials on request.

Product features

Optimize your vacuum system.

Optimize your vacuum system.

Discover the advantages of our degassed washers, designed to the highest DIN 125 standards. From precise sizes and high-quality A2 stainless steel to optional silver plating – our washers are vacuum-cleaned and ready for immediate use. Increase the efficiency and reliability of your vacuum systems with our customized solutions.

DIN accuracy

Our washers comply with DIN 125, offer a precise fit in nominal sizes M2 to M8 and are available in other sizes on request.

Size flexibility

Directly available from M2 to M8. We are happy to manufacture other nominal sizes for special requirements.


Made of durable A2 stainless steel (HV200) or titanium grade 2, for non-magnetic applications.

Optional silver-plated

Choose silver-plated washers for optimum performance in demanding vacuum environments.

Ready for use

Vacuum-cleaned and packaged, our washers guarantee immediate readiness for use without the risk of contamination.

Our portfolio of vented washers and cleaned nuts.


Choose washers with or without venting notches for leak prevention and increased vacuum efficiency.


Optimize the surface of your washers according to use: bright for standard use or silver-plated for improved properties.

For nominal widths

From fine to coarse: our selection of M1 to M10 thread sizes enables a precise fit and optimum sealing.


Quality that lasts: A2 stainless steel for robustness or titanium grade 2 for the highest demands and specific vacuum applications.