Ideal for vacuum applications

Titanium screws.

Titanium screws.

Our titanium screws are the ultimate choice for high performance vacuum applications where strength, weight and low magnetizability are critical. Discover the outstanding properties of our titanium vacuum screws, which have been specially developed for demanding environments where conventional materials reach their limits.

Titanium: The strong choice for vacuum technology.

Titanium vacuum screws mark a turning point in material technology for vacuum environments. These screws combine the inherent strength and lightness of titanium with the precision of modern manufacturing processes. Titanium, known as one of the most robust and corrosion-resistant metals, is particularly suitable for use in extreme conditions where conventional materials fail.

The low density of titanium leads to a significant weight reduction in the entire vacuum system, which is particularly advantageous in the development of space components and systems. In addition, its high strength enables the use of thinner, lighter screws without compromising on durability. These attributes make titanium vacuum screws the preferred choice for applications where every gram counts, without compromising on structural integrity.

Another significant advantage of titanium is its very low magnetic permeability. Titanium screws can therefore also be used in special environments within vacuum systems in which even the slightest deviations in magnetic fields would disrupt the processes.

In addition, coatings are usually not necessary for titanium, as the probability of a titanium screw seizing into a stainless steel thread, in this case a stainless steel vacuum component, is very low.

In the highly developed world of vacuum technology, the properties of titanium are not only desirable, but often indispensable. Our titanium vacuum screws are therefore not just a component – they are an essential building block for technological progress that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in research and industry.

High-performance material titanium

Advantages of titanium screws.

Advantages of titanium screws.

Titanium vacuum screws are an investment in quality and future-proofing. Every aspect of these screws is designed to increase efficiency and performance in critical vacuum applications. Here are the five key advantages that make titanium so indispensable in vacuum technology.

Weight saving

Benefit from significant weight reduction without sacrificing stability thanks to the low density of titanium.

Robust durability

You can rely on the exceptional strength of titanium, which remains stable even under extreme conditions.

Durable material quality

Take advantage of the outstanding corrosion resistance of titanium for a longer service life of your components.

Safe biocompatibility

Rely on titanium for biomedical applications thanks to its unrivaled compatibility and purity.

Interference-free application

Benefit from the non-magnetizability of titanium to avoid any magnetic interference in sensitive environments.