Coating of Vacuum Optimizing Components

Surface treatments.

Surface treatments.

If your application requires a special surface, we offer all our products with optional surface finishes. Convince yourself of the different properties of selected coating types and find the right product for your application.

Silver coating.

Silver coating.

We can silver-plate our VOC vacuum screws for you on request. Under conditions where the use of vacuum lubricants is not an alternative, silver serves as a solid lubricant and fulfills all the properties of a material that can be used in ultra-high vacuum and extreme ultra-high vacuum.

The silver coating of our vacuum-optimizing fasteners offers various advantages for our customers:

Optimizes the coefficients of friction in the bolted joint

Reduces the necessary tightening torque for the required preload force

Reduces the risk of cold welding

Improves corrosion resistance

Gold plating.

Gold coating.

In addition to silver, components for vacuum technology applications are coated with the precious metal gold. The gold coating combines the excellent properties of the silver coating with the typical aesthetic, elegant appearance of gold. Gold is also more temperature-stable than silver.

Risk of gorging is reduced

Very good electrical conductivity

Elegant appearance

High biocompatibility

Surface hardening.

Surface hardening.

Another way to further improve the properties and vacuum suitability of VOC vacuum screws is to harden the surface in a targeted manner by introducing nitrogen and carbon in a controlled manner. Surface hardening is not an applied coating, but a diffusion hardening process.

This surface treatment has various advantages for users:

Increases the surface hardness by a factor of 10

Can also be used with titanium alloys

No particle abrasion as with conventional coating

Increases resistance to Corrosion, wear and fatigue