Performance in silver

Silver-plated screws.

Silver-plated screws.

Experience the superior quality of our silver-coated screws, which are specially optimized for use in vacuum applications. Our silver-plated vacuum screws not only offer reliable protection against cold welding of the screw connection, but also improved electrical conductivity to meet your high demands in high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum.

Silver-coated vacuum screws: The key to greater efficiency.

Silver-coated vacuum screws:
A key to greater efficiency.

Silver-plated vacuum screws are crucial for increasing the performance and reliability of vacuum systems. Thanks to their silver coating, these specially treated screws not only offer protection against so-called seizing – i.e. the cold welding of a stainless steel screw connection – but also a significant increase in electrical conductivity. Ideal for high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum applications, they effectively reduce the risk of virtual leaks.

Thanks to the combination of the strength of A2-70 stainless steel and the additional silver plating, these screws combine durability with increased performance. Whether in research or in industry, the use of silver-plated vacuum screws makes a significant contribution to optimizing process reliability and efficiency.

Discover our range of silver coated vacuum screws, available in a variety of sizes and specifications to meet your specific requirements. Each set is vacuum-cleaned and prepared for immediate use to enable seamless integration into your system.

Product features

The silver advantage of vacuum screws.

The silver advantage with vacuum screws.

Silver-plated screws set a new standard in vacuum technology. The elegant surface not only improves the outgassing behavior, but also ensures safe use as a dry lubricant without the risk of the screw connection seizing up. They are ideal for applications where precision and long-term stability are essential.

Improved assembly

Silver-coated screws significantly reduce the risk of cold welding and minimize the required tightening torque, which not only makes installation easier, but also simplifies maintenance.


Thanks to the silver-plated coating, our screws offer improved friction coefficients and prevent galling during assembly, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of applications, especially when the use of vacuum lubricants is not an option.

Outgassing behavior

Silver has a lower outgassing rate than other metals. In a vacuum environment, the VOC silver-plated screws therefore result in lower gas contributions and the
Vacuum quality is sustainably improved

Corrosion protection

The innovative silver coating not only enhances the surface, but also optimizes the corrosion resistance of our screws, resulting in an extended service life in demanding vacuum environments.

Electrical conductivity

Silver as a solid lubricant guarantees excellent friction coefficients and electrical conductivity, which optimizes the tightening torque and ensures signal integrity in sensitive vacuum systems.

Our portfolio of silver-plated screws.


Choose from a wide range of ISO and DIN standards to guarantee the ideal fit and standard compliance of your silver-plated screws.

Head shape

Choose silver-plated screws in a variety of head shapes such as cylindrical, countersunk or headless versions, suitable for a wide range of installation requirements.


Optimize the handling of your screws with selectable drive types. Available as external and internal hexagon for precise, controlled tightening.


Perfectly matched for precision: Our comprehensive selection of thread sizes from M2 to M8 ensures the optimum connection in your vacuum system.


Tailor-made for your requirements: Our silver-plated vacuum screws are available in lengths from 2 mm to 60 mm to fit seamlessly into your design.