Optimization of your vacuum system!

Welcome to the optimization of your vacuum system. Learn more about the variety of our vacuum optimizing fasteners on the following pages and learn how to effectively avoid virtual leaks in your vacuum systems with the help of our vented screws.

Furthermore, we inform you about the materials we use and the advantages and disadvantages of these in comparison. If you need vacuum screws with a surface treatment for your application – you will find an overview of our offer.

We will briefly and concisely explain the problem of virtual leaks in vacuum systems. Why virtual leaks cannot be detected from the outside and what options users have to avoid these virtual leaks. SPOILER: You should use vented screws.

VOC vacuum screws are made of A2 stainless steel as standard. A very established material in vacuum technology. In special applications, other metallic materials are sometimes required – find out on this page what other materials the VOC vacuum screws are made of.

From the factory, our vented screws are cleaned to a high degree of precision – directly ready for use in your vacuum environment. If you would like further surface treatments, such as a silver coating, you can find out everything you need to know on this page.