Precious metal precision for vacuum

Gold-plated screws.

Gold-plated screws.

Experience the ultimate quality of our gold-plated screws, designed for maximum performance in vacuum environments. With their outstanding corrosion resistance and excellent electrical conductivity, our gold-plated screws set standards in reliability and efficiency.

Gold-plated screws: high-end metal for high-end vacuum applications.

Gold-plated screws: High-end metal for high-end vacuum applications.

Gold-plated screws are stainless steel screws made from A2 or A4 that are coated with a thin layer of gold. They combine the proven strength and durability of high-quality metals with the exclusive efficiency of gold plating. The use of gold, a noble material with outstanding resistance to oxidation, enables the screws to offer reliable performance even in the most demanding environments.

This makes them an essential component for high and ultra-high vacuum applications, where each component contributes to the overall performance. The gold coating acts as a dry lubricant and thus prevents seizing, the so-called cold welding of the screw connection. The use of additional vacuum lubricants is therefore no longer necessary. Our gold-plated vacuum screws are available in various sizes and specifications to ensure a customized fit for each individual vacuum system.

Each piece is manufactured to exacting standards and is designed to take your vacuum systems to new levels of efficiency and reliability. With these gold-plated vacuum screws, you are ideally equipped to master the challenges of modern vacuum technologies.

Product features

The key advantages of gold-plated screws.

The key advantages of gold-plated screws.

Explore the unique properties of our gold-plated screws that make them an indispensable solution for demanding vacuum applications. From unsurpassed corrosion resistance to outstanding precision, discover how these screws increase the performance and reliability of your system.

Corrosion resistance

The gold coating provides unparalleled protection against corrosion, extending the life of the screws in any vacuum environment.

Electrical conductivity

Gold, known for its excellent electrical conductivity, optimizes electrical performance in vacuum applications.

Chemical stability

The inertness of gold guarantees high chemical stability, protects against deterioration and preserves purity in vacuum systems.

Outgassing behavior

Gold has a lower outgassing rate than other metals. In a vacuum environment, the VOC gold-plated screws therefore result in lower gas contributions and the vacuum quality is sustainably improved.

Protection against cold welding

The gold coating serves as a dry lubricant. This reduces the coefficient of friction when screwing in the gold-plated screws and there is no risk of “seizing”.