Flange screw sets for CF connections.

Flange screw sets for CF connections.

Perfect your vacuum applications with our flange screw sets, ideal for CF connections in high to ultra-high vacuum. Available from CF16 to CF200 and optionally silver-plated, our sets guarantee immediate readiness for use and the highest standards.

Optimization of your CF flange connections.

ConFlat® flanges for achieving pressures in high vacuum, ultra-high vacuum (UHV) and extreme ultra-high vacuum (XHV) require enormous forces to press the cutting edges with the associated flat gaskets (e.g. copper gasket). These forces are generated by screw connections. The most commonly used hexagon bolts, washers and nuts are made of A2-70 stainless steel. Different configurations of flange connections require different flange set configurations.

The most commonly used variant is designed for flange connections where both flanges are provided with through-holes. In addition, sealing kits are also available for through-hole / threaded hole and through-hole / blind threaded hole combinations. No nut is required for the latter two variants, as the mating flange has a thread or blind thread.

Ready for high performance

Next generation vacuum connections.

Next generation vacuum connections.

Increase the effectiveness of your systems with our prepared CF flange sets, which guarantee cleanliness and immediate readiness for use in every set. Ideal for demanding environments, our flange kits offer unrivaled performance and reliability.

Available immediately

Our CF flange sets in sizes from CF16 to CF200 are always in stock and ready for immediate use in your projects.

Heat-resistant silver plating

Choose silver-plated flange sets for additional resistance to high temperatures.

Plug & Play unit

All CF flange sets are vacuum-cleaned and ready for use on your vacuum systems.

Our portfolio of flange screw sets.

Our portfolio of flange screw sets.


Optimize your connection: Choose from combinations with holes or threads for your flange sets.


Adapted to your needs: Our flange sets are available bright or silver-plated for higher demands.

Nominal diameter

Choose the right nominal size from DN16 to DN200 for your specific vacuum requirements.