Flange screw sets for CF connections

ConFlat® flanges for achieving pressures in high vacuum, ultra-high vacuum (UHV) and extreme ultra-high vacuum (XHV) require enormous forces to ensure that the cutting edges are pressed together with the associated flat gaskets (e.g. copper gasket). These forces are generated by screw connections. The most commonly used hexagon bolts, washers and nuts are made of A2-70 stainless steel. Different configurations of flange connections require different flange set configurations.

The most commonly used variant is designed for flange connections where both flanges are provided with through holes. In addition, seal kits are also available for the through-hole/threaded hole and through-hole/threaded blind hole combinations. In the latter two variants, no nut is required because the mating flange is threaded or blind threaded.

CF Flanschset für Durchgangsbohrung
Cf Flanschset Durchgangsbohrung mit Gewindebohrung
CF Flanschset mit Sacklochbohrung

NEW in our portfolio you can find flange sets for CF – connections!