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Experience the new dimension of cleanliness: Our specialized process guarantees the optimum cleanliness and functionality of your vacuum components – for maximum efficiency and longevity of your systems.

Purity in the Vacuum technology.

The cleaning of components in vacuum technology plays a key role in the efficiency, reliability and service life of vacuum systems. Vacuum technology components are used in a wide range of applications, from research and development to industrial production, and the cleanliness of the components is always of crucial importance.

One of the main reasons for cleaning components in vacuum technology is to avoid contamination. Even minor impurities such as dust, oil or production residues can impair the performance of the vacuum system, for example by causing leaks or reducing the efficiency of the vacuum pumps. Thorough cleaning can eliminate potential sources of contamination and reduce operating costs as less maintenance and repairs are required.

In addition, the cleaning of components is crucial for generating and maintaining the vacuum. Contamination can increase the pressure in the vacuum system and thus impair the performance of the system. This in turn can have a negative impact on the quality of the manufactured products or even lead to failures. Thorough cleaning of the components therefore ensures a reliable vacuum environment, which is essential for many applications.

We reliably remove particulate and film contamination. All our components undergo a multi-stage cleaning process, which consists of defined ultrasonic cleaning with adapted cleaning concentrates (phosphate and silicate-free!), rinsing of the components and subsequent ultrasonic cleaning in deionized water. The components are then dried in an ISO 5 environment with clean (dry and oil-free) compressed air and heat.

In the final step, the high-purity parts are vacuum-packed under ISO 5 conditions. In addition to the normal single packaging, our customer can choose multiple packaging by arrangement. Many of our customers appreciate our flexibility when it comes to label design, as we are happy to apply customized labels.

Complete solutions

Your partner for clean results in vacuum technology.

Your partner for clean results in vacuum technology.

With our expertise in cleaning and packaging, we don’t just supply products – we offer you customized solutions that exceed your expectations. Rely on our professional services to ensure purity and quality down to the last detail.

Vacuum cleaning

A multi-stage cleaning process ensures the desired result.


We use vacuum packaging to ensure that your screws are particle-free even after opening.


Customized labels and
If required, multiple packaging can be easily
be implemented.

Cleaning service

Send us your components and get them back clean. It can be that simple
be cleaning!